Eagle 98.1 Albuquerque and Eagle 98.7 Belen

Eagle 98.7 Belen-Eagle 98.1 Albuquerque is now streaming on line.  www.eagle98.com.  Playing oldies from the 50’s through the early 80’s Commercial Free.  Plus we have public service announcements regarding various non profit organizations and events that benefit our community.  You can stream us by using Winamp Player.  If you do not have Winamp Player, go to www.winamp.com.

You can also stream by using iTunes or Quickplayer.  iTunes, you can copy the link (http://sc4.spacialnet.com:30966/listen.pls)click on the navigation bar, click “Advance” then on the drop down menu, select “Open Stream”.  You can listen to us on iTunes.